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Time №19 (december 2016) USA

Time — американский еженедельный журнал со штаб-квартирой в Нью-Йорке, освещающий рейтинг людей. При тираже около 3,4 млн экземпляров 2007 году является самым популярным журналом в США. Современный «Тайм» является ядром самого большого в мире холдинга в области средств массовой информации и шоу-бизнеса.

Power comes in all differenT tones and textures, which makes capturing it visually a particular challenge. It is a testimony to his talent and versatility that Nadav Kander has, for the second time, photographed a newly elected President for our Person of the Year cover. Four years ago it was Barack Obama, fresh off his re-election; this time, Donald Trump, who spoke with Obama the night before our cover shoot. There’s a unique bond between Presidents and their successors, and Trump talked about the surprising chemistry he felt with Obama both when they met at the White House two days after the election and in their conversations since. As Nadav and his team set up lights and equipment in the Trump Tower penthouse, the Presidentelect looked at Nadav’s portfolio, particularly his striking 2013 portrait of Prince Charles that was taken for a Nancy Gibbs, ediTor TIME cover. In the hours that followed, Nadav photographed Vice President elect Mike Pence, incoming chief of staff Reince Priebus, senior counselor Steve Bannon and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, whose portraits accompany Michael Scherer’s profile. “Trump was excited because he plans to meet with Prince Charles in the coming weeks, and offered to take him a copy of the Nadav portrait,” says Scherer. Meanwhile, correspondents Haley Sweetland Edwards, Elizabeth Dias and editor at large Karl Vick visited Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to talk to Trump voters in counties that Obama won eight years ago. Their portraits are by photographer Lise Sarfati.

Название: Time
Год: 2016
Номер: 19
Страниц: 138
Язык: английский
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